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Thursday, August 16, 2012

2012 Acura NSX

Acura chose Detroit to unveil its mid-engine hybrid NSX sports car, the 2012 Acura NSX concept car. Honda confirmed that although branded a ‘concept’ at the Detroit motor show, they fully intend to put this 2012 Acura NSX concept model into production, so the hype can begin now for future potential owners. The 2012 Acura NSX is slated to be built in Ohio and features the super hybrid all wheel drive system that Honda has pioneered.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Technology | Awesome iPad 3 Concept with Edge to Edge Screen

This is what the future of technology hold for us all. I can’t wait. Very cool stuff.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Volkswagen Aqua Concept

Imagined by young Chinese designer, 21 year old Yuhan Zhang, a recent graduate in Industrial Design with honors from the University Xihua-China, the “Volkswagen Aqua” is an amazing concept, a hybrid vehicle half way between a car and a hovercraft. The vehicle is powered by Hydrogen and propelled by impellers.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Toyota Hybrid Concept Squeezes More MPG From Existing Tech

Toyota is bringing a new subcompact hybrid to the Geneva Motor Show in March. Though the final design is still a secret, it’s less one big surprise than a lot of little ones.
The concept is named FT-Bh, for “Future Toyota, B-segment hybrid.” In other words, it’s a one-off subcompact that previews Priuses to come. Toyota claims it will have half the CO2 emissions of a traditional three-door subcompact while remaining as roomy as a larger five-door car — a feat achieved through a “total vehicle” approach, which squeezes as much efficiency as possible at the margins of automotive engineering.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Chevrolet Miray Concept

According to GM Korea President and CEO Mike Arcamone, “‘Miray’ is Korean for ‘future.’ As GM rolls out Chevrolet across Korea, the Miray concept offers an exploration of future possibilities for the brand. It strengthens the bond between car and driver, creating a fresh look at what sports cars of the future might be.” The Chevrolet Miray Concept was developed at the GM Advanced Design Studio in Seoul. Combining cutting-edge hybrid powertrain technology and advanced styling, it balances iconic Chevrolet design cues with a future design vision as Chevrolet celebrates its centennial in 2011.
Made of carbon fiber and CFRP (carbon fiber-reinforced plastic), the wedged body side is divided by an angled character line, with ambient lighting underneath. This accent creates a sweeping line of light when the car is in motion, bringing a warm glow to the sculptured body. Le Mans racer-style scissor doors open up and out of the way for dramatic access to the interior.
The powerful front end offers a reinterpretation of the Chevrolet face. The Chevrolet Miray Concept‘s dual port grille is flanked by LED headlamps with new signature daytime running lamps. The front and rear fenders evoke Chevrolet Corvettes of the past and express the concept’s sports car spirit. At the corners, carbon-fiber spoilers help control down force and airflow. The interior compartment is surrounded by a carbon fiber shell, which gives it a lightweight yet rigid structure. Its flowing, yet slightly tensioned, twin cockpit tightly wraps around the driver and passenger. The cockpit is driver focused, drawing inspiration from the iconic Chevrolet sports car. However, the passenger is also fully engaged in the driving experience.
Asymmetric seats flow from the door, forming a symmetric interior that gives the driver a feeling of being fully connected with the car. Ambient lighting, which starts from the upper instrument panel and flows into the seat back area, adds a sense of luxury. Seat cushions and headrests are connected by the lightweight carbon fiber shell and mounted on a single aluminum rail. The headrest area follows the exterior form, integrating with an air scarf for open-air driving.
The Chevrolet Miray Concept is propelled by two front-mounted 15-kW electric motors for quick acceleration and zero emissions in urban driving. The motors are powered by a 1.6-kWh lithium-ion battery that is charged through regenerative braking energy. The Miray has the capability of being switched from front-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive.
For performance driving, the Chevrolet Miray Concept‘s 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine combines with the electric motors, providing spirited torque control to both the left and right wheels as needed. The high-tech engine, mounted behind the cockpit, drives the rear wheels while seamlessly integrating electrification technology that defines a new standard in the compact roadster segment.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Apple iBox is Both a New 7 Inch iPad and Set Top Box

Straight from ADR Studio, the crew that delivered many Apple concepts now comes the iBox.

The iBox acts as a set top box and a touch device, sporting a 7 inch display and serving as the remote and more for the HDTV you own. Siri allows you to command your TV through the iBox and you can also change channels, record a show, find a movie based on your mood and all of that while interacting with iTunes. iBox also connects to the iPad and iPhone, so you’re able to also place calls through it and even video calls from the TV are enabled via FaceTime.
There’s also the iMove app that teaches gesture commands and gets support from the TV, much like some sort of reworked Kinect. The TV experience controlled by a 7 inch set top box tablet, that unifies the iPhone, iPad and iMac sounds like a pretty good idea, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see if there will be an Apple iTV television set or not, in the end.

 [via ADR Studio]


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Evolve Motorcycles launch Xenon light bike

Evolve Motorcycles may very well be the youngest company at the Milan International Motorcycle Show (EICMA) this week, but its booth is getting outsized attention from the gathered throngs. Why? We'll give you a hint. It has a pair of 32-inch hub-less wheels with strips of OLED light tape that carve their way down its length and encircles those magic-looking hoops.

Yes, they have the Tron Lightcycle replica that was created by their associates, Parker Brothers Choppers, and it is in their booth not just because they were responsible for its electric drivetrain and integration. Now dubbed Xenon – every Evolve model shares its name with an element – this $50,000 futuristic flight of light-bike fancy will now occupy a spot at the top of a growing lineup that currently consists of a trio of nice, moderately-priced scooters.

Evolve Motorcycles launch Xenon light bike and reveal Lithium, an electric streetfighter concept originally appeared on AutoblogGreen on Fri, 11 Nov 2011 09:58:00 EST