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Monday, November 21, 2011

2016 Lamborghini Madura Concept Car Is Named Island in Indonesia

2016 Lamborghini Madura Concept is style by Slavche Tanevsky, who may be a student of Munich University. The Lamborghini Madura named like that as a result of need to create this car strong because the strength of culture on the island of Madura with cultural bull. The Lamborghini Madura concept hybrid sticks to the brand’s performance and smart looking basics, and gets a sleek and a lot of aggressive profile. The hybrid powertrain is mounted up front, where the automobile has huge air intakes, a curvaceous hood and slim headlights of Lamborghini Madura Concept.

The suave wanting model is alleged to be surroundings friendly, that have the electrical engine hidden below a curved front hood, a slender body galvanized by Lamborghini Gallardo and Murcielago and spoilers that jut out of aspect panels that connect laser beams, which is alleged to be symbolic for the electrical drive system. This automobile is meant as an environmentally friendly automobile of interest and fast. Proportionally, the automobile has rather short wheelbase, and equally long overhangs. The short wheelbase provides it higher agility and driving performance. The long overhangs on the opposite hand are visually shortened by fiddling with skinny layering surfaces that are a part of separate body parts.
The interior of the car is created within the general variety of the Lamborghini; the front bumper placed monumental air intakes, the headlights as narrowed, thereby emphasizing the corporate identity of the complete. The case itself is formed using refined lines that make a supercar look terribly impressive.
Lamborghini Madura was done as a part of the Lamborghini Raw Materials Project led by Prof. Dr. Othmar Wickenheiser, where all students at the varsity may participate in. The Feruccio Lamborghini’s appreciation to Spanish culture and bull fighting/running led to naming all Lamborghini cars when some famous bulls or some places or families connected to bulls. Respecting this fradition, the automobile is called when the island in Indonesia, that is legendary for bull races. The Madura may be a proposal for the primary hybrid Lamborghini scheduled for 2016. Doing an automobile additional economical and additional nature-friendly, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be exciting, good-looking and quick. However in my opinion this new propulsion system ought to be represented on the appearance of the automobile.
The body hybrid Lamborghini scheduled for 2016 is very cab-backwards vogue that is new for today’s Lambo vary, however as aspect read silhouette isn’t strange to Lamborghini, particularly the Lamborghini Silhouette and Urraco had terribly similar body-cab compositions. Proportionally, the automobile has rather short wheelbase, and equally long overhangs. The short wheelbase provides it higher agility and driving performance. The long overhangs on the opposite hand are visually shortened by fiddling with skinny layering surfaces that are a part of separate body parts. The front is extremely sleek and aerodynamic. It consists of the bonnet, with electrical engine beneath, and spoiler with blades between for additional depth of the planning, and higher CW result. The headlights are terribly skinny and horizontally oriented to stress the cars’ width Lamborghini Madura body style 2016.”

Monday, November 14, 2011

BMW unveils new electric and hybrid concept cars

NEW YORK (AP) — BMW unveiled a pair of concept carsWednesday, one a hybrid and one electric, made of light-weightcarbon fiber and a see-through glass exterior.The cars are expected to go into production within the next two to three years.
The carbon fiber in the i3 city car and i8 sports car significantly reduces the weight of the vehicle and the size of its frame, giving designers more flexibility and creating more interior space for passengers, said Richard Kim, who designed the exteriors of both vehicles.The material, used in the aerospace sector and also for high-end bicycles, is valued for its strength-to-weight ratio. Its uses are expanding, however, and engineers are designing everything from camping equipment to pool cues.For the German automaker, it allowed for more glass where there is traditionally metal, Kim said. The doors of both vehicles are mostly made of glass, along with much of their roofs and tail ends.
BMW said the car offers "superb safety in the event of a collision."
The final product may not appear as dramatic, but will have the same feel as the concept cars, Kim said.
"You may not see as much glass, but you will be able to see the light coming through," Kim said at a sneak peak event Wednesday in New York. The cars officially debut next week at the Los Angeles auto show.
The i3 is expected to go into production in 2013, with production of the i8 following a year later. The cost of the car has yet to be determined, though carbon fiber is not cheap.
The four-door i3 is designed for urban driving, with its wheels pushed out to the corners of the frame for stability. It has coach-style doors, with rear and front doors swinging open at the center of the vehicle.
The added stability of carbon fiber allowed designers to eliminate the support pillar traditionally found between the front and back doors, which will make it making it easier to enter and exit the vehicle, Kim said.
The i3 comes in an all-electric version that can go 80 to 100 miles on a single charge, but buyers have the option of adding a small gas engine that would recharge the battery if needed. It takes about six hours to fully charge the battery.
The sporty i8 has two winged doors made of glass and a sleek silhouette. The exterior is designed to help the car cut through the air more efficiently.
The all-wheel drive car has a battery and a gas engine that work together, with the battery powering the front wheels and a gas engine powering the rear wheels. Without the gas engine, the car has a range of about 20 miles, but fully charges in less than two hours.

Source: yahoo news